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“Every individual can dare to dream, be what s/he wants to be and take nano steps to create an ecosystem where everyone can cherish and flourish. An altogether new world awaits us!”

Brainpreneurs aim at bridging the gap between textbook learning and the practical learning. We believe in nurturing and building on the strengths of individuals and in the process prepare them for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world at any stage of there life.


Sunaina Tickoo
(Founder and CEO )

About Brainprenuers

Brainpreneurs – a dream in making!! All of us have read and heard about Maslow’s theory; however, Sunaina Tickoo (Founder & CEO – Brainpreneurs Education Pvt Ltd.) experienced this big time around 2017-2018. Being in HR for 20 plus years she had dealt a lot with people matters and thereby psychology, her thought process became inclusive and made her realize that time has come to step up and not only create something magical but also give back to the society. There was a pertinent thought that our children deserve the best and we all have a responsibility to do whatever possible in our sphere of influence. Her mentor, her dad Dr Sushil Razdan- a renowned neurologist, found this to be thought-provoking and an idea with substance. 

The idea of Brainpreneurs was given a life and institutionalized in the city of Jammu, J&K in May 2018, as an experiential learning center, catering to the age group of 2 years to 15 years via three verticals- Pre-school, After school and Consulting at that time. All curriculums were and still are customized and based on 5 Cs- Critical thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Cognitive skills. These we believe, are the futuristic skills and if our children master these skills, they would not require tuitions, ending the race against marks/academics. Children need to learn to think and explore and that’s why all the courses offered were and are experiential and exploratory.

We don’t just have academicians and educators but we train them to be coaches/mentors. Empathy and ‘learning by doing’ are the mantras to be followed. We touched upon 100 plus kids in our first year and found it to be so exciting to see the inner talent in our children which is getting hidden due to the academic pressures. 

After a year of our inception, we realised we are not paying ample attention to neurodiverse population of our society. That’s where Brainpreneurs created another vertical- Child Development Center – where we have specialists like psychologists, special educators, physiotherapists, speech therapists and many more – who offer one stop support for neurodiverse children from assessments to therapies. We expanded our services for providing balanced emotional & mental health for all age groups. We aim at providing exemplary clinical care and opportunities to all with the help of our specialized team. 

Today, after more than 5 years of being in service (including 2 years during pandemic) Brainpreneurs– CDC has come across approximately 15000 unique touch points which include children, parents, teachers, school heads and doctors. We have conducted more than 5000 psychological assessments, and more than 6000 intervention programs with our clients.

What makes us elated, is the fact that we realised how important it is for us to keep up the good work that we are doing and didn’t even let the pandemic stop us. After Jammu, we embarked our journey to 3 more physical centers & online medium(s) during the pandemic and didn’t let our hopes and energies to go down. Today we are physically running centers in Jammu, Srinagar, Gurugram, Bengaluru and marking pan India presence via online medium(s) through our 4 verticals namely, Child Development Center, Experiential Learning Center, Mental Health & Wellbeing and Consulting. We are happy to extend our services to some neighbouring countries as well. 

We have come a long way, but the climb is still high towards a better self, surroundings and life. 

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