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Mental Health & Wellbeing



 A first of its kind of inclusive platform bringing education & healthcare together to help you unleash your potential while focussing one holistic developement

About Us


To help create a world where individuals are empowered with comprehensive skills, knowledge, and consciousness, enabling them to attain optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, thereby nurturing a harmonious and healthier global society.”

 Our mission is to serve as an all-inclusive experiential learning hub and a growth catalyst, dedicated to enabling individuals to unlock their full potential through a comprehensive approach to holistic development, encompassing the body, mind, soul, and spirit.
Core values:

Passion, Happiness, Mindfulness, Teamwork, Accountability, Integrity, Respect for self and others.

What We Offer


We believe in growing, and growing together. We provide consulting services under all the three verticals (CDC, Experiential learning center & Mental health & wellbeing). These consulting services are extended to educational institutes (school, college, university) and corporates. The journey with educational institutes & corporates has been quite rewarding in terms of knowledge and awareness but we are keen to raise the bar by focussing on collaborations to pave a way for a progressive change.

Child Development Center (CDC)

Focussing on children, we provide exemplary clinical care and opportunities to children with special needs. Our offerings are psychological assessments, psychological counselling & therapies, special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychometric testing, physiotherapy, parent management, neurological and psychiatric consultation. Empowering children with special needs to reach potential.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The fast-paced world today has put in a lot of pressure on us and to cope up with these pressures and to ensure regular self-upgradation and mental wellbeing of all age groups (specially adults, the working population) we provide individual counselling, couple counselling, family counselling, career counselling, polishing parenting skills and psychological interventions & support. Coaching (executive, leadership, wellbeing etc) also adds to the bunch of varied services that we offer. Important aspects like Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management and other self-awareness concepts are highlights of our programs.

Experiential Learning Center

We are aiming towards new age learning via curriculums based on experiential learning methodologies for age group 2-16 years (preschool & afterschool activities) focussing on their educational, emotional & social needs. Also, to help individuals carve their career paths, we offer career counselling & career mentoring. To remove discrimination & move towards an inclusive society we indulge into pre-vocation (13 years & above) and vocation (16 years & above) for neurodiverse population making them & the neurotypical help co-exist.Igniting a lifelong love for learning and enabling personal growth through tailored experiences and empathetic guidance.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Blend

Brainpreneurs is one of those rare combinations which was much needed but never worked on. We are integrating education, mental health, social & emotional wellbeing to ensure that all individuals are prepared for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Holistic Development

We intend to make people ready for life and not just for some questions to be answered, that is why we focus on holistic development i.e. self, mental, emotional & social learning. For this, we bring our uniquely designed curriculums/courses/sessions customised as per the needs of an individual focusing on Cognitive Skills, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration (5C’s) and shaping Emotional Intelligence (EI). We back all our curriculums on psychological inputs to bring best out of individuals in the most personalised manner. Our ultimate aim is to make the learning process natural, engaging & lasting.

Catering all age groups

Catering all age groups

Humans fortunately have scope of growth and development throughout their life cycle that is why we via learning & coaching medium are catering to all age groups (child, adolescent). Our moto is to understand the potential and help individual polish them. We believe in proactiveness and that is why we work in the both, prevention & intervention sphere. Our services like therapies and counselling are an effort to ensure that we are in a healthy mental, emotional & social state.

Catering all age groups
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Team of experts

To carry on our vision, apart from our immensely learned & experienced board of directors, we have brought together experts like Neurologists, Psychologists, Special Educators, Life Coach, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Cognitive Research Scientist, Career Counsellors, Experiential Learning Trainers, Art Trainers, Teachers and many more.


“Hope all of us fly, hope all of us feel free. Hope when we say ALL, ALL is what we mean”. Our believe is that every individual in this world has the right to BE and BE AS THEY ARE. Taking this philosophy forward we are not only preparing individuals who are different but also the ones who are not, to jointly set up participative goals for creating a sense of responsibility & safety for all. We aim at moving from marginalisation, exclusion & discrimination to INCLUSION at all levels right from individuals, family, educational institutes, workspaces & society as a whole

Practicing & promoting growth mindset

We believe in, practice & promote growth mindset not only via our offerings to outside world but also in our own way of working inside the organisation for our internal team. For the same, we work, vouch and are inclined towards learning, skill upgradation, research, inclusion and so many other progressive areas both inside and outside our organisation.


Brainprenuers is a game-changer for special needs children. Their all-in-one approach offers therapies, counseling, and assessments. Experts cover education, speech, and occupational therapy. They involve families and stay updated with the latest approaches. Personalized interventions through psychometric testing show impressive results. Trust Brainprenuers for your child's progress. Highly recommend.

Kavya Vema


Brainprenuers shines as a haven for special needs kids. Their integrated services encompass therapies, counseling, and assessments. Covering education, speech, and occupational therapy, their expert team involves families and embraces the latest methods. Tailored interventions driven by psychometric testing yield remarkable progress. Count on Brainprenuers for your child's growth. Strongly recommended.



I had the pleasure of engaging with this consulting service that excels in CDC, Experiential Learning, and Mental Health & Wellbeing domains. Their impact on education and corporate sectors is unmatched. Working with them heightened my awareness and knowledge. Their dedication to driving positive change through collaboration is truly inspiring. A must-have partner for transformative growth!"



I am beyond impressed with the innovative approach of this service towards education. Their focus on experiential learning curriculums for ages 2 to 16, including preschool and afterschool activities, is a game-changer. They address educational, emotional, and social needs brilliantly. But that's not all – their commitment to individual career guidance through counseling and mentoring is commendable.


Experiential Learning Center

In this fast-paced era, the pressures of life can become overwhelming, but thanks to this exceptional service, navigating these challenges has become an empowering journey. Their commitment to self-improvement and mental wellbeing across all age groups, especially adults in the workforce, is truly commendable. You can go with Brainprenuers.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

Amidst the whirlwind of today's fast-paced existence, finding a source of genuine care and guidance is invaluable. This service is a beacon of light, offering a wide array of support for individuals of all ages, especially adults navigating the challenges of modern life. n a world where balance and self-improvement are essential, this service shines as a guiding light, empowering individuals to thrive in all facets of their lives."


Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Meet Our Board Members

Trying to synergise knowledge, experiences, passion and the will to move towards a better tomorrow.

Dr. Rajni Koul

(Gynaecologist )

Dr. Sushil Razdan


Sunaina Tickoo

(Life Coach, HR Expert, Spl Educator,
Career Counsellor)

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